About Us

T & T Electric Co., Inc. is proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and to the success of the customers we serve. Our work force consists of a team of individuals who have worked together for many years. Our average employees have worked for T & T Electric Co., Inc. for 13 years. We have the resources and total expertise to manage your electrical project. T & T Electric Co., Inc. provides designs, project management, safety, controls, instrumentation and value added engineering. Our experts are capable of providing creative and innovative approaches to all your electrical needs.

T & T Electric Co., Inc. knows that they are only as good as their people. We have an experienced team who knows what it takes to make the projects successful – and    T & T Electric Co., Inc. successful as well. Feel free to call and talk to any of the team shown here:

Timmi-Jo Lisac – Owner / President
Katherine Miller – Owner / Secretary
Timothy Miller – Owner / Treasurer
Since 1976
Wade Lisac
Vice President
Since 1997
Thomas Brown
Engineer / Estimator
Since 1986
Norbert Miller, Jr.
Project Manager
Since 1992
Scott Smith
Operations Manager/
Project Manager
Since 1987
Pat Noga
Project Manager/Estimator
Since 1995
Ross Dowen
Estimator / Telecommunications
Since 1999
Anthony Martellaro
Facility & Equipment Maintenance
Russ Steinbeck
Project Superintendent
Since 1987
Joe Kovacich
Project Superintendent
Since 1981
Frank Musso – Foreman
Brad Lisac – Foreman
Stan James – Foreman
Sean Harrison – Foreman
Craig Swift – Foreman
Jon Ducic
Safety Coordinator
Carol Trujillo
Office Manager/Payroll & Accounts Receivable
Tiffany Trice
Payroll & Accounts Payable










T&T Electric Company, Inc.
Electrical Contractors
1824 Aspen Circle
Pueblo, CO 81006

Fax 719-545-6169