At T & T Electric Company employee safety is the top priority.

We recognize that working with any electrical system has inherent safety hazards. We are committed to creating and maintaining safe work environments for our employees and clients. Our on-site safety coordinator works to ensure that all employees are properly trained and prepared for any safety issues they may encounter while on the job. Our EMR of 0.85 speaks to the commitment of each of our employees to strict safety standards.

Safety at T&T Electric

Some of the ongoing training courses that we offer to our employees are below.


Timmi-Jo Lisac

Timmi-Jo Lisac is Tim and Kathi’s second child. She is married to Wade Lisac and they have three children. Timmi-Jo is the President of T & T Electric and oversees the day to day business and financial operations of the company. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Denver Metropolitan State University Denver and has worked full time at T & T Electric since 2001. When Timmi-Jo is not working, she is busy with her two daughters and son running to horse shows, football and basketball games, and many school functions.